Vision &


The Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA) helps people navigate Washington’s environmental and business regulatory systems while working with our partners to improve those systems to produce better results and reflect our values.


Citizens and businesses have easy access to all required information, can get personal assistance when needed, and experience government as helpful, seamless, reasonable and integrated when they interact with regulatory systems.


ORA’s legislative mandate affirms that the vibrant and diverse economy of Washington State is dependent on maintaining high environmental standards. In addition, the legislation finds that a complex and confusing network of environmental and land use laws and business regulations can create obstacles to sustainable growth. To help address these issues, the legislature created the Office of Regulatory Assistance “to work to continually improve the function of environmental and business regulatory processes…”

As we work to achieve this mandate, ORA embraces the following organizational values:

  • Communication. We foster honest and clear discussions that encourage people to speak openly and to listen within a framework of respect and trust.

  • Partnership. We promote effective working relationships between local, state and federal agencies and the customers they serve, including tribal governments, working as a team to find balanced and comprehensive solutions.

  • Respect. We recognize and value diverse backgrounds and divergent perspectives and welcome the free exchange of ideas.

  • Leadership. We provide innovative leadership to formulate new approaches, support creative thinking and deliver durable, effective results.

  • Change. We embrace change and its challenges as we seek flexible, creative, workable solutions.

  • Excellence. We take personal responsibility for doing what needs to be done, continually seeking opportunities for improvement, and celebrating organizational and individual success.

  • Neutrality. We are impartial, informed facilitators who help ensure all parties have equal access to information, understand relevant rules, and can engage effectively in regulatory processes.

  • Transparency. We operate in an open and straightforward manner and share information fully to promote collaboration and accountability.