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Our mission and vision

The mission of the Governor's Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA) is to help people navigate Washington's business and environmental regulations. We are also working with our agency and business partners to improve those regulations and regulatory processes.

Our vision is that citizens and businesses have easy access to all required information, can get personal assistance when needed, experience government as helpful, seamless, reasonable and integrated when they interact with regulatory systems.

Who we are

Director's Office
    Jesus Sanchez, Director
    Sharon Wong, Deputy Director
    Brittany Wilson, Executive Assistant

Information Center
    Sharon Wong, IC Supervisor
    Joseph Ringold, Business and Data Management Analyst
    Rachael Lindstedt, Business and Data Management Analyst

Regional Assistance Leads
    Alan Bogner - Supervisor
    Anne Knapp - Central Region
    Jane Dewell - Northwest Region
    Sheila Hosner - Northwest Region
    Michele Vazquez - Eastern Region

Information Technology Systems
    Scott Hitchcock, Information Technology Systems Manager
    Michael McNabb, Information Technology Systems Architect

What we do

Regional Assistance Leads can help projects of all sizes navigate the regulatory processes in Washington State, they will work with you to create a road map for your specific permit process.  They also have the experience needed to guide complex projects needing multiple environmental permits through the permitting system. 

Our goal is to make sure you have the information you need in a timely manner so you can be successful.  If your project encounters roadblocks or bottlenecks we can help get it back on track.

Some examples of how we help citizens, businesses and regulatory agencies include:

  • Coordinate between project proponents and local, state and federal agencies to build projects providing jobs, alternative energy, and economic development while protecting the environment.
  • Help government agencies and citizens develop innovative, collaborative solutions to environmental problems such as balancing the needs of farms and fish or development issues such as green shorelines.
  • Work with rural communities to address development issues by connecting local government with state and federal regulators.

The state is divided into four regions, with Regional Assistance Leads for each region. Our Information Center can connect you with the Lead for your region.

Information Center staff can help citizens and businesses understand and navigate Washington’s environmental permitting processes.

We answer questions about local, state and federal permits and regulatory requirements and can research project-specific questions. If we don’t have the information you need, we will connect you with the right people in local, state or federal agencies.

Our services are free. Email us (help@oria.wa.gov) or give us call (800-917-0043, 360-725-0628).

Some examples of how we help citizens and businesses include:

  • Connecting a small business owner wanting to start biodiesel production with regulators and safety officials.
  • Helping an entrepreneur understand the requirements for owning and operating an auto body business.
  • Putting a farmer in touch with agency staff to determine if a piece of property has water rights.
  • Explaining to a homeowner the permitting process for dock or mooring buoy construction.

Technologies we are developing so we can better assist you include:

Where we are

We have staff located across Washington State so that we can be responsive to the needs in all regions of our state. We have offices located in:

  • Spokane;
  • Yakima;
  • Bellevue; and
  • Olympia

If you need local assistance, contact us (800-917-0043, or help@oria.wa.gov) and we'll connect you with one of our staff in your region.

Our main office is located at:

Town Square, Building 4 (Department of Commerce Building)
1011 Plum Street SE
Olympia, WA 98504
Driving directions

Mailing address
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504

When we're available

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday




Why ORIA was created

ORIA was created within the Governor's Office in 2002 by the Washington State Legislature and was initially called the Office of Permit Assistance (RCW 43.42).

In 2003, the Legislature changed the name to Office of Regulatory Assistance and expanded its duties to include small business assistance and the full range of regulatory issues.

In 2005, Governor Gregoire expanded the office in support of her Executive Order 06-02 on Regulatory Improvement.  

in 2013, Governor Inslee renamed the office to include the word innovation to reflect his interest in pursuing innovative solutions to regulatory improvements.

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