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Transportation Permit Efficiency and Accountability Committee

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Next Steps

Since its inception in 2001, the Transportation Permit Efficiency and Accountability Committee (TPEAC) has sought to improve the permit and decision-making process for Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) projects while maintaining high standards for environmental and natural resource protection. The tools, processes, and “new ways of doing business” developed and advanced by TPEAC and its subcommittees, task forces, and individual members reflect one of the lasting values of the TPEAC experience. While much has been done, there is still much to do. Achieving permit efficiency and accountability is more than just developing new tools, new products, or new processes. It is foundational. It is about making on-going organizational and institutional commitments necessary to refine improvements already made, increase efficiencies already achieved, and seek greater outcomes from today’s permitting and regulatory systems.

The Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance oversees the Governor’s Regulatory Improvement Program and implementation of Governor Gregoire’s recent Executive Order #06-02 on Regulatory Improvement. ORA leads a multi-agency collaborative program involving local, state, and federal levels of government, and works with licensing, tax collection, permitting, and other regulatory agencies to improve and simplify regulatory services, systems, and requirements. ORA’s goals, like those of TPEAC, are broadly to increase regulatory predictability, bring about more efficient use of governmental regulatory resources, and achieve greater and more effective environmental and natural resource protection outcomes.

TPEAC participants have identified several areas where further progress could be made and ongoing efforts should be emphasized (see TPEAC Resolution #23 on Approving the Continuation of TPEAC Streamlining Activities by the Office of Regulatory Assistance). ORA is optimally positioned to support continuation and completion of these efforts, as well as (and perhaps even more importantly so) to sustain the organizational and institutional momentum cultivated through the TPEAC experience. Each of the folders below identifies next steps necessary to continue to advance regulatory improvement progress made by TPEAC, both within the context of WSDOT transportation projects and the larger context of the Governor’s Regulatory Improvement Program lead by ORA.

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